Box Office Report: 'One Direction' Tops the Pops

Though out of the top ten, both Pacific Rim and World War Z crossed milestones this weekend. The former is now at over $100 Million domestic, while Z is over $200 Million. As for the rest of it, well, it’s a lazy holiday weekend.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 One Direction: This is Us $17,000,000 $6,216 $17,000,000
2 Lee Daniels’ The Butler $14,742,000 (-10.7) $4,427 $74,007,000
3 We’re the Millers $12,610,000 (-3.4) $3,660 $109,565,000
4 Planes $7,756,000 (-9.6) $2,380 $70,884,000
5 Instructions Not Included $7,500,000
$21,614 $7,500,000
6 Elysium $6,300,000 (-9.0) $2,481 $78,404,000
7 The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones $5,200,000 (-44.3) $1,668 $22,654,000
8 The World’s End $4,759,000 (-46.0) $3,064 $16,568,000
9 Getaway $4,500,000 $2,115 $4,505,000
10 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters $4,425,000 (-16.1) $1,849 $54,965,000

Concert films such as One Direction: This is Us tend to open well, but then plummet in their second weeks, so it could conceivably be out of the top ten next week. But things are slow enough that it could hang around for a bit. Regardless, expect the picture to top out domestically around $40 Million or so.

The Butler is proving leggy, which means it will hit $100 Million, and could keep playing. It’s a little early to worry about Oscars and all that, but expect it to campaign, and depending on the competition, it could get into a good place to snag an award or two (it doesn’t seem to have best picture-winning heat).

We’re the Millers is also playing well, and could get into the $130-$140 range when it’s all done, but as this is a holiday weekend, it could be getting its last big bounce. There aren’t as many pictures over the next couple weeks, so it could hang out for a while. And Planes, who thought that would get over $70 Million? It could keep playing and get closer to $100 Million (and it is the only kids film for a while), but likely this is its last hurrah. Still.

Instructions Not Included wasn’t a hyped movie, but it targeted its audience and opened huge. Those are impressive numbers, though it’s hard to say if this is going to be front-loaded or not. But well marketed movies aimed at the Latino community now have a poster child for success. Expect more.

Elysium might limp to $100 Million, we’ve seen a number of summer movies get a push to get over certain milestones, but this may not get that. It looks like Sony will eke out a profit between home video and international, but it’s no home run (though they seemed to know that). The World’s End is one of the better reviewed movies of the summer, but it could just be playing to fans of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, as it had the steepest declines in the top ten. Getaway tanked. Oh well.

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